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STM32F ARM Programmable Laboratory power supply

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Previously shared power supply programmable power supply features advanced digital projects based on a study in stm32f100c8t6b.. pretty, has a detailed structure of the circuit of analog-digital mix-in panel design including all source code, pcb, etc. everything to be shared we will be useful for different projects.

digital Power supply specifications

Output voltage: 0 … 36 V (10 mV step voltage setting)
Output current: 0 … 4 a
Maximum output power: 100 W
1 mA current setting
Stabilization modes: voltage (CV) current (cc)
Setting and voltage measuring error: 0.02%, which is + 10mV
Available mounting and measurement error: 0.02%, which is + 1 mA
Fluctuations during network instability: < than 0.05% a time of instability-load current: < than 0.05% rms ripple and Noise: <1 mV (CV) is <0,5 mA (CC) recovery time when a jump of the load current: <100 ms Temperature instability: <100 ppm / ° C long-term instability: <% 0.05 Interface Type: USB (FT232RL ADuM1201 isolated) Input: 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz Power consumption: <150 W, Dimensions: 150 x 90 x 220 mm Weight: Programmable laboratory power supply with adjustable output voltage and adjustable output current limiting 1.5 kg stabilized power source. In laboratory studies, the source for power electronics circuit development process, or as part of testing of various equipment can be used. STM32F ARM Programmable Laboratory power supply programlanabilir guc kaynagi laboratuvar guc kaynagi

STM32F ARM Programmable Laboratory power supply arm projeleri stm32 stm32 proje

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