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PCB drawing for the sprint layout pcb program I’m using a call to a custom macro got was as usual first on google search I thought I’d still exaggerated, I guess :) a very macro found already at the official site new macros published, though most of my unnecessary so I scavenged I extract the archive into

Macro according to me this time was more orderly archive folder distinguish varieties integrating macros, macros, etc. transistor. There are a lot of new macro. Prepare the future under this article, I’ll also add that I found useful macros

Sprint Layout Makros archive: Sprint-Layout-Makros .rar alternative link2

Sprint Layout new makros 27-11-2012

Sprint Layout Makros  sprint layout new makros

makros files: sprint-layout-makros-27-11-2012.rar

Sprint Layout new makros 26-01-2013

Sprint Layout Makros  sprint layout mix makros

Sprint Layout Makros  sprint layout lcd makros

makros files: sprint-layout-makros-26-01-2013.rar

Sprint Layout new makros 18-05-2013

Sprint Layout Makros  sprint layout makro sprint layout macros 18 05 2013

makros files: sprint-layout-makros-18-05-2013.RAR

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