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Symmetrical Power Supply Circuits

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Symmetrical power resources tone control , etc. preamf . To run such circuits or different circuits , you can use in experiments . The most popular circuits used , positive and negative regulator IC based on the manufacturer’s drawings were made according to standard schemes , but do not forget to check the PCB drawing

LM317 (positive regulator ) and LM337 ( negative regulator ) which is based upon devdevre outputting voltj adjustable for this potentiometer and potency different PCB drawings there 78xx (positive regulator ) and 79XX ( negative regulator ) integrated based on the circuit output voltage use integrated is determined by the instance 7812 and 7912 if you use the + -12 symmetrical receive output accordingly filter and output capacitor voltage you specify the meantime input voltage output voltage from 3v more make sure that the input voltage at the filter capacitors 1 amp to power at least 1000uF good to use for detailed information integrated the datasheet file Please observe .

Symmetrical Power Supply Circuits PCB drawings were prepared by Proteus Ares older version is installed on your computer in addition to the ” region” can open the file by import from the file menu

LM317 LM337 Regulated symmetrical power supply circuits;

Symmetrical Power Supply Circuits lm317 lm337 devreleri dual power supply

Symmetrical Power Supply Circuits variable lm317 lm337 devreleri dual power supply

78XX 79XX Regulated symmetrical power supply circuits;;

Symmetrical Power Supply Circuits 78xx 79xx devreleri dual power supply

Symmetrical Power Supply Circuits dual output power supply circuit 78xx 79xx

Circuit drawings belonging to the Proteus Ares PCB: symmetrical-power-supply-circuits.rar

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