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AVR Temperature Measurement System

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Atmel AVR, Atmel microcontroller series with a super “Temperature Control Measurement System” 16 sensor inputs 4 alarm inputs and the computer’s connection. Temperature measurement, alarm, an exemplary application in the PC communication

This measuring system is used to record the data of up to 24 temperature sensors in the range of -55 ° C to +125 ° C, 3 humidity sensors and an air pressure sensor. Addition, there are still 4 alarm inputs are available, where switching contacts can be connected. The project consists of several components: the sensor module 2, the sensor module 3 with additional air pressure sensor, the small display module 1, the large display module 2a, the LED display module 3 and the PC program “AnzKom” and a web module. The sensor modules record the temperatures and humidities over 1-Wire sensors and monitor the alarm inputs. The processed data are then sent cyclically via an RS-232 interface to the display modules, which in the case of the display module 2a can also record the data represents a clear and. With the “AnzKom” program can be transferred, conveniently displayed and analyzed the stored data of the display module 2a. The Web module also provides the ability to query current and stored data via web-browser world.

AVR Temperature Measurement System ATmega128 240x128 glcd grafik lcd 120x120 AVR Temperature Measurement System Projekt Temperatur Messsystem Anzeige modul atmel avr atmega 120x120 AVR Temperature Measurement System tempmess display ATmega16 120x120

The first sensor module MAX232CPE, atmega8l-8 and consists of LPT parallel port section. The second sensor module 2X20 lcd screen, ATmega8, MAX232CPE and LPT parallel port consists of sections.

The display module display module-2-one AT90S2313 ATmega128 24c512, LM358, PCF8583, MAX232, lm2575, RS232, 240 × 128 graphic LCD display module-3 8 display, ATMega16

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