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400W DC to DC Converter Power Supply Circuit SG3525 DCDC SMPS

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DC to DC converter PWM sg3525 SMPS control circuit transformer model based on integrated EE42/21/15 far as I know there was on the market. 4N35 opto feedback with Kubla made ​​stable driver output MOSFETs IRFZ48 4

You can use it to run the amp 12 volt car battery voltage symmetrical + – raises to the level of 2 × 40 volts 400 watts of power “remote” input can be switched on and off with the car stereo

12V DC to DC 40V Symmetrical Converter Circuit Test

of the SMPS, I bring the DC-DC, so they can feed any amp in the car. They have variable output voltage and an auxiliary output preamp to feed, VU meters, filters, etc.. In addition to the common version, I add a “compact” for those applications in which too much power (150 [W] max) is not needed. As the controlling stage of SMPS, leave 2 options: one with IC SG3524 and SG3525 with another, can I use either one, depending on availability.

Source: forosdeelectronica.com DC DC switch mode power supply sg3525 schematic pcb files alternative link: 400w-dc-to-dc-power-supply-circuit-sg3525-dcdc-smps.rar

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