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Adjustable DC DC Converter Circuit SG3524

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Supply most laboratory power supplies maximum output current of 2 A to 3 A (Depending on model), while the output voltages usually up to 20 V or are more adjustable. Is, for example, at 6 V a current of 4 A needed is the power supply no longer able to deliver them, although the required performance far below the maximum output power of the Power supply is. A remedy ensures the presented DC DC power converter, which simply between the power supply and the consumer with high current consumption to is off.

SG3524 DC DC Converter Circuit

Adjustable DC DC Converter Circuit  SG3524 uc3524 12v 6a power supply dcdc Leistungskonverter

The DC DC converter circuit works The basis of a step-down PWM regulator circuit and can accommodate up to 6 A of output current . provide At the laboratory power supply unit is a possible high voltage output (20 V to 35 V) is set, and the current limiting must be set to the maximum value. The required output voltage is set on the DC DC power converter, wherein an adjustment of approximately 3V to 12V is available. Next an overcurrent protection circuit has the power converter also has an adjustable Current limit of 1.5A to 6A. As long as the current limit is active, this status is by means of the associated LED.

Adjustable DC DC Converter Circuit  SG3524 dcdc covertor power supply

Source: http://www.elv-downloads.de/service/manuals/DCL100/61905_DCL100_km.pdf SG3524 Adjustable DC DC Converter Circuit alternative link: adjustable-dc-dc-converter-circuit-sg3524.rar

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