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DC DC Boost Converter Circuit 12V to 24V 10A SG3524 PWM

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stepup dc converter circuit SG3524 based on the MOSFET if the spp80n06 output 21v … 28 volts can be adjusted to the standard output voltage of 24 volts indicated as used core pc power supply found in the output filter coil, two used at the power supply removed from further proteus ares pcb file there

12V to 24V DC DC Converter SG3524

DC DC Boost Converter Circuit 12V to 24V 10A SG3524 PWM sg3524dn 12v boost converter 24v 10a

The frequency is set between 80 and 100 kHz (low critical value). A lower frequency requires a higher inductance, which increases the volume and losses. A frequency too high led to losses of significant switching in the transistor and additional losses in the inductor due to skin effect.

# The resistance of the inductor L (neglecting losses iron)
# The resistance from the state of the transistor Q RDSon (on spare switching losses)
# The voltage drop in the diode
# The series resistance of capacitor C (ESR)

The value of the inductor affects ripple through the current, hence the current peak through the other elements.The study shows that a theoretical value of 40 to 50 µH is a good compromise.

With a battery of 12V, output 24V – 10A and a yield of 90% is the current drawn by 22.2 A. If the battery drops to 10V, current rises to 26.6 A

Source: f6csx.free.fr DC DC Boost Converter Circuit 12V to 24V SG3524 PWM schematic pcb files alternative link: dc-dc-boost-converter-circuit-12v-to-24v-10a-sg3524-pwm.rar

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