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Voice Changer Circuit Donald Duck Sound

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The use of voice-changing circuit will sound interesting and fun changing the tests gives the circuit except for the passive elements in shades of Danılt Min ca3240 (bimos op amp) and the tl072 (jfet input opamp) based on clean and effect by setting the potansiyometreleri op evening sound is being changed. The circuit can be connected to the headphone output or a simple amplifier circuit.

Circuit diagram by examining different by changing the values of resistors and capacitors used in Op amplarda audio tones can be achieved.

Voice Changer Circuit Donald Duck Sound audio clean effect circuit ses degistiren devre opamp

You can listen to the author’s attempts to flash player;

Source: staff.uni-bayreuth.de/~btp918/ alternative link: voice-changer-circuit-donald-duck-sound.rar

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