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Digital Servo Motors Interface Circuit PIC16F877

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Servo motor control unit to control two’s. While the other one circuit pic16F877 16f876 circuits based on the communication with the computer via RS232 serial port is doing. Kazırl backed by Assembly PCB software and schema files are made ​​with eagle.

Servo motor control circuit

Digital Servo Motors Interface Circuit PIC16F877 16f877 servo 16f876 servo motor kontrol

Servo interface circuit can translate the servo commands, sent through serial connection, to the servo control signal. Using a microcontroller (PIC micro) to elaborate these signals, we built an interface circuit that can support 8/16 servos simultaneously. The 8 servos version (SER8) uses a PIC16F876 (28 pins) microcontroller, the 16 servos version (SER16) uses a PIC16F877

Source: goo.gl/GTea Servo Motors Interface Circuit Alternative link: digital-servo-motors-interface-circuit-pic16f877.rar

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