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Power LED Dimmer Circuit

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Quality and stable LED dimmer circuit LM358 and LM393 opamp based upon power on the floor BUZ71 MOSFET used operating frequency 150kHz brightness and delicate light can be controlled LED dimmer circuit operating voltage of 12 volts, 24 volts max. 1.5 amps

Dimmer for LED modules

With modern LED orders can be many light and lighting effects. Especially in bright LED configurations such as cluster or LED Stripes, is the question of the possibility of Dimmens the brightness of these orders. Our little dimmer project addresses precisely this task. The pulse width scheme , the control electronics almost . About one can Comp also an external potentiometer brightness setting to be connected, so that the operation locally separated from the actual control electronics can make.

Power LED Dimmer Circuit led dimmer

LEDs are conquering other areas of application , probably offers numerous Lighting tasks of the incandescent take over . This of course especially in the areas where there is less on the lighting within the meaning of bright light as to the generation of a particular Atmosphere arrives . Here you can with little effort a great visual effect achieve , such as colored light , with spots, light frames , etc. And just where a particular ambience to be generated, appear modern LED arrays , with their high Luminosities often too glaring through to Intrusiveness . Ergo makes a dimmer sense here . The course is the benefits the LEDs inter alia in almost cold generated Light are corresponding . that is not excess power through a Linear regulators easily destroy , ie Generate heat , but possible loss. This is achieved with the pulse-width control , for a so-called pulse-width Modulator (PWM) is used. This takes place a periodic input and Switching off of the consumer in faster Sequence with a variable ratio between switch-on and switch-off (Puls-0 to 100 %) of connected load. This is done with a frequency which the human eye no longer can perceive (150 Hz).

Power LED Dimmer Circuit beyaz led dimer dimmer led lm358 lm393 pwm dimmer

Source: http://www.elv-downloads.de/service/manuals/LDI1/61889-LDI1.pdf Power LED Dimmer Circuit files alternative link: power-led-dimmer-circuit.rar

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