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Display Clock Circuit 74160 Counters

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Circuit de 8 8 74 160 integrated and connected to the integrated display is available. Many types of designs made ​​with one of the clock circuit. Every time displacing 74,160, and controlling for key control in an integrated and integral input are available. There are 4 key for each display. To see the adjustments in hours-minutes and seconds display units available for the three separate LOAD key.

Display 74160 Clock Circuit schematic

Display Clock Circuit 74160 Counters proteus isis display saat devresi

Which unit want to make adjustments, we first set with switches hexdecimal the switch open or closed position are bringing then the relevant unit LOAD switch closure ( chassis by pulling ) input switch on the status of the outputs thus displace will be reflected.

60 seconds in hours, minutes, when 60 hours in order to increase the number of doors are used again. Will appear in the second portion when viewed in the tens digit and the ones digit 5 is 9 minutes gate output unit based design is made to increase.

Proteus isis of clock circuit simulation file: display-clock-circuit-74160-counters.zip

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