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RMS 500W Amplifier Circuit

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System 500W RMS at 4 ohm 620W RMS power gives 2Ω, 4Ω 500W RMS, 8Ω 380W RMS Circuit of the original scheme 8 MOSFETs used and 4Ω 400W writes 2Ω speakers in order to work 10 mosfet I used the original transistors toshiba 2SK1530 and 2SJ201 but the price is expensive to have found IRFP240 and IRFP9240 have used the results are obvious works perfectly.

Warming normal or even slightly cooler in long-term studies sufficient for the circuit printed circuit board myself drew not cite what I ölçd if I have written her in an open field with two 1600W 8Ω estra cabin for 1 h with’ve tried so far professional systems aratmadı attempt pictures no wish pulls’m some but again another time balls I put

500W Mosfet Amplifier Project

RMS 500W Amplifier Circuit 500w rms.thumbnail RMS 500W Amplifier Circuit anfi 500w rms.thumbnail RMS 500W Amplifier Circuit irfp240 anfi.thumbnail RMS 500W Amplifier Circuit irfp9240 anfi.thumbnail

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In the supply circuit 6 amp diode 8’ve used very comfortable in use heat very little room for a long time if it works kondasat they 10000mf and small parasites block capacitor formed in the parasites to avoid as well in front of each (wound) 100nF I use (rolled Use lentils passive can stay)

Used ferrite core winding of important diyl but the two windings have to be equal a thick wire necessary to use (current terms) of ferrite core clean mains voltage supplied in the environment have no effect, but the plus and minus voltage equal diyl or noise comes as transformer induced voltage steadies aim departure clean and to achieve stable voltage circuit is used in most power suplly and there in almost all the baggage amp.

RMS 500W Amplifier Circuit proteus ares pcb file: rms-500w-amplifier-circuit author: X-FI

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