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Mosfet Amplifier Circuit Hifi AV400 RMS 400W

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Previously shared “400W RMS Mosfet Amplifier Hifi FET400” circuit design with the same count even fet400, etc. ipa400. AV derived from the series The important part in this project given all the details about the circuit description in abundance, bill of materials and so on. given Eric Anthony Holton Holton nice job and already famous in the series, …

Mosfet Amplifier Circuit Hifi  AV400 RMS 400W symmetrical 400watt amplifier 400w av400 pcb1

Mosfet Amplifier Circuit Hifi  AV400 RMS 400W 400w amp rectifier hexfet mosfet amplifier hifi

Construction notes for the symmetrical 400 watt amplifier
Introduction The symmetrical amplifier is an update of one of my designs, which appeared in the Australian electronics magazine Silicon Chip in June 1994. The main changes made in this design was, the addition of a clipping detector circuit and bias circuit modifications for the use of International Rectifier HEXFET MOSFET’s. Later modifications where made

Source: http://forum.tehnium-azi.ro/topic/1667-vestitul-av400/page__view__findpost__p__15909 alternative mosfet-amplifier-circuit-hifi-av400-rms-400w.RAR alternative link2

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