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Transistor Amplifier Circuit 250W 2SC3858

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250 Watt amp circuit previously shared 2x100W circuit developed beefed supply voltage 2x75v DC symmetrical in total 150V working with the output transistor-the 2SC3858 this transistor is not found instead 2sc5200 used in this case, the number of transistors necessary to increase or very good cooling to do the PCB drawing layout assembly supply circuit all information provided in critical areas including .. also making measurements of voltage values ​​should be shown with photos

Transistor Amplifier Circuit 250W  2SC3858 250w amp 250watt amplifier

Source: construyasuvideorockola.com/proyect_amp_spectrum_1.php alternative link: transistor-amplifier-circuit-250w-2sc3858.rar

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