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PWM Constant Current Power LED Driver

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Power LED driver circuit based on LM393 op amp compared to other LED driver with PWM input is not working very well, but without a microcontroller PWM or PWM input can be made from other sources. There are three different power options power LED 1W 350mA, 700mA 3W power LED, power LED 5W power required by one of R2, R11 resistor values ​​are determined.

High energy efficiency switch mode converter. 5V-24V supply voltage range. . Cycle-by-cycle, real constant current circuit 1 adjustable output current maximum power output of 18W. (24v 3w LED module for working with) the current control potentiometer (with spacings of about 9%)

Output short circuit protection PWM input – including the Arduino can be controlled via external microprocessor. Compact design – 1 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches (excluding the pot shaft)

PWM Constant Current Power LED Driver led surucu power led driver circuit schematic

PWM Constant Current Power LED Driver led switch mode buck converter constant current led driver

Power LED driver circuit is used in the power MOSFET IRF 9024 or 2955 NTD irf3710 is not commercially available can be used instead.

Source: instructables.com/id/Poormans-Buck/ alternative link: pwm-constant-current-power-led-driver.rar