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PT2317B Digital Preamp Circuit

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Digital Preamp Circuit PT2317B. According to the project assignment has to be an amplifier equipped with offsets to low and high tones, and according to the application requirement, it shall be possible to adjust the volume ratio between the left and right channels, thus setting the balance. An essential part is also a volume setting. Discrete solution of such a preamplifier would be highly complex, inefficient and expensive. That’s why I decided for the implementation of a pre-amplifier with audio processor, which was today produced in a variety of. I decided to use audioprocesoru company Princeton Technology with the designation of PT2317B. This type is stored in the holster DIL28 and is equipped with functions to adjust the volume, deep tones, high tones, balance, fader and functions of the LOUDNESS. The function of LOUDNESS is based on the principle of the perception of different tones, depending on their volume. Specifically, it is the human ear at low volumes much less sensitive to the deep and high tones, which is offset just functions of the LOUDNESS.

PT2317 Preamplifier Circuit Schematic

PT2317B Digital Preamp Circuit pt2317 preamplifier circuit schematic 120x120 PT2317B Digital Preamp Circuit circuit pt2317b four channel digital audio processors utilizing 120x120

Another exceptional feature of the circuit PT2317B is to control all the functions, only four control signals without requiring the use of a microcontroller. One of the control signals is controlled by a function of the loudness, the second is chosen the other functions of the system and the last two are used to increment or dekrementaci level of the selected function. Preamp circuit use STK428-610 Amlifier Circuit 2X70W Hi-Fi

Circuit PT2317B requires a nominal supply voltage of 6V in a range of ±1V. For the reliable operation of the circuit is therefore a voltage stabilizer 7805 increased LED diode connected in series in the ground pin of the stabilizer. Outlet DVD circuit PT2317B is the power supply pin of the digital part of the circuit. External capacitors or RC components on pins TREB, BOUT, BIN, and LOUD to set the fracture frequencies of the adjustable equalizer and function of the loudness. The values of these elements are chosen according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Pins VOL, BASS, TRE, BAL, FADER are designed to connect the control of LEDS.

PT2317B Preamplifier Circuit PCB

PT2317B Digital Preamp Circuit pt2317b preamplifier circuit pcb2 120x120 PT2317B Digital Preamp Circuit pt2317b preamplifier circuit pcb3 120x120 PT2317B Digital Preamp Circuit pt2317b preamplifier circuit pcb4 120x120 PT2317B Digital Preamp Circuit pt2317b preamplifier circuit pcb 120x120

PT2317B Digital Preamp Circuit srcb PT2317B pcb schematic all files alternative links: pt2317b-digital-preamp-circuit.RAR alternative link2

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