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Proton ide Graphic LCD Example

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This article and other pages made ​​with GLCD PIC MCU applications and projects will be discussed. The programming language used Proton Basic and schematic program Proteus 7.4 SP3 will be used. 16F877 MCU will be used.

In this application we use chip KS0108 GLCD Winstar GLCD WG128 * 64B White light is backlit. WG128 large graphic 128 * 64 GLCD milk is 64 lines. Proton GLCD font used to print the PRINT command is AT command. First, let GLCD applications necessary for our scheme

Proton ide Graphic LCD Example proton glcd uygulama 1

Use of Proton ide command; PRINT AT YPOS, XPOS

128×64 GLCD consists of 128 columns of 64 rows. Analogously to 21 characters on each line. In the Vertical Horizontal GLCD 128 milk contains 64 lines. GLCD In total there are 128 * 64 = 8192 pixels. Glcd’n 1.sat and column 1 from top left GLCD applications before. First, let our program.

Proton ide Graphic LCD Example glcd uygulamaları lcd

Proteus isis circuit schematic

Proton ide Graphic LCD Example grafik lcd proteus isis proton

Proton ide Graphic LCD Example lcd 320volt

Some problems may be encountered in practice; Circuit burgundy set up a circuit in different applications to do if you want to check the connections. GLCD application is not to be built in the ADC process necessarily yazılmalıdır.b ALL_DIGITAL = TRUE if command is written GLCD will be no image on the screen. GLCD AND to pin 18 (VOUT) pin-5V which is pint. Definitely give this pin if the external voltage is energized if external GLCD contrast with integrated SMD 4.7uF 16V capacitor connected to this ICL7660 and explode.

Proton ide graphic LCD GLCD to print font

The biggest advantage of LCDs to other LCDs or type the desired image is a visual indication. 2.Proje application shall be made in writing with GLCD font. Font generator program will be used for this application. If desired, the protons within the program dosyalarıda font used. We want this application as we create our own font files and we’ll print font size that you want.


The program consists of three file to font.ex, fontconverter.cfg, TABCLT32.OCX font is installed on the computer if the program does not open the file TABCLT32.OCX will need to throw it into the Windows folder. Txt extension to open the program ourselves, we create an empty instance glcd.txt

Proton ide Graphic LCD Example proton font converter

Then we will write the type of font type and size of some delicacy and thickness adjustment must be made. Settings tab is selected right after.

Proton ide Graphic LCD Example proton font converter 2

Destination Directory tab is selected, and then file the target file (ie will create font) file is selected. After selecting the file and press the Convert tab, Font font file occurs. This program is written only GLCD screen font and font Analogously icons. With this program GLCD display pictures can not be shown.

Proton ide Graphic LCD Example glcd proje 2 isis sema

Proton ide Graphic LCD Example proton font grafik lcd

Proton ide Graphic LCD Example grafik lcd 320volt.com

Proton ide Graphic LCD Example circuit, font program and proton ide source code files: proton-ide-graphic-lcd-example-2.zip and proton-ide-graphic-lcd-example-1.zip

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