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tweeter protection circuit To create this structure led me to the fact that I built speaker system total output of 100W, which are connected the power amplifier 2 x 150W. Even though the manufacturer of height Speaker (TVM) indicates that continuous power is 30W and 120W short, and peaks that are at full excitation amplifiers fall into speaker may be several times higher. However, it may happen that in the belief that own power tweeter, which is connected to an amplifier with a much smaller power to destroy the loudspeakers. This is largely due transistor amplifier, which in overdrive clipping the signal to NF rectangular. This is the cause of the increased content of high frequencies, which i with less power that would not destroy the speaker, blow winding coil speaker.

Tweeter Protection Schematic Diagram

Protector tweeter tweeter protection schematic diagram

Considering that the tweeter is able to utilize only 1% power, for example when we 100W terminals height speaker gets only 1W and 99W rest is radiated heat. it is especially dangerous when starting overdriving the amplifier, which we able to record the human ear. After that, a situation that continues to overdrive will increase, leading to an overburden height speaker and his subsequent destruction. An even worse situation occurs when the amplifier has tone correction and equalization. protection tweeter

Protector tweeter tweeter protection pcb

In the event that for example the frequency 4kHz raise the gain of 6dB, so the stroke effect doubling performance at this frequency to the higher harmonics is even better path to the tweeter. If you are scared of it as I do, so let into the building mentioned protectors. This protector is mainly applied in speaker, working with high volume, it is here that this structure applies. No wonder that even known manufacturers of power apparatus and equip their PA system speakers similar circuits. And it’s even an advantage, speakers are actively protected against excessive noise.

Tweeter Protection PCB circuit schematic all files download: protector-tweeter.rar alternative link2

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