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PCB Cutting Machine Sewing Machine Modification

It’s an interesting project I’ve seen in a project that is usually done with electric drills handmade shared a sawhorse; Dremel 4000 handmade sawhorse, Proxxon Made by reference to the sawhorse and circular saw

PCB Tin Plating

PCB printed circuit board lamination machine with pvc prepared at the end of the video on preparation of the practical printed circuit, solder in a manner that is rapid PCB coating is a useful

Practical SMD Removal Kit

SMD type resistor, capacitor, diode, or the like in the case of removal of the material very practical for Iron soldering apparatus you can prepare and see your work in a short time. As

PCB spark gap

@Bülent NUR forwarded by my teacher PCB spark gap videosu review, especially in power electronics PCB designs contains useful information for possible leakages on the system high voltage spark gap for a method to

Microwave Oven Transformer Made with electro magnets

If you want to make a simple but powerful electromagnet, micro-wave oven transformer and the transformer is cut off with a grinding machine of Palm’s primarily some sufficient labor is subtracted from the primary

Manuel Toroidal Core Winding Machine

Video of the SMPS transformer winding shared “before” and “Handmade Toroidal transformer winding machine” to the writings of a Toroid Core Winding machine, additional more wanted to share the video with manual fine-wire or

Syringe Automation

What did they do with the syringe into the Automation when the handmade what we call mechanical:) syringes with very nice things they built robot arms with syringes excavator shovels so they regularly check