320volt / pic16f877 projects

pic16f877 projects

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Periodic Ruler circuit with PIC16F877

At the request of a friend, ‘science and technology’ magazine published in electronic schematic and printed circuit board of the LCD display, I rearranged the periodic table. To our friends that may need an

Pic16f877 With Bottle Filling System

In this article, and a student friend, talk about his work with a bottle filling machine from the block schema system easier. Block diagram of bottle filling machine; 1: Tape engine starts to spin.

CCS Toggle Led Example PIC16F877

PIC16F877 Led Toggle CCS C This program connected to the port-B with 8 LED TOGGLE command 500 ms delay. order is flash LED the. CCS CToggle Led Schematic Diagram CCS CToggle Led Simulation Video

Walking LED Light CCS Example PIC16F877

CCS C Walking LED Light using pic16f877 picmicro 8 LED Walking effect (As king rider led circuit) 100 ms delay Walking LED Circuit Schematic Walking LED Simulation Video Walking LED Light project proteus isis

CCS Buttons with LED Control PIC16F877

CCS C simple application Buttons with LED Control circuit. This program B0 connected to the port LED connected to RA0 input is controlled by a button. Button-LED Control Simulation Test Proteus isis Schematic Button-LED

Volt amp meter circuit PIC16F877

graphic lcd Volt amp meter circuit pic16f877 microcontroller Board, with the addition of the mc34063 dc-dc converter circuits and the l5973 used in the screenshot lm324 opamp GLCD MTG-12864B current and voltage information displaying.

Computer Controlled Robot Project PIC16F877

Computer-controlled robot circuit special program is moving according to the shapes drawn on further action can be achieved by giving the coordinates instead of drawing circuit PIC16F877 microcontroller used robot communication between computers via

Thermocouple Reading Circuit PIC16F877

Thermocouple reading circuit PIC16F877 microcontroller based on the C source software, isis proteus simulation files and eagle diagram, printed circuit boards have drawings. Thermocouple voltage 0V (0 ° C) and 42.92mv (760 º C)