320volt / pic16f876 projects

pic16f876 projects

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Disco Light Effects System with PIC16F876

It is a circuit for the circuit only show animation, colored lights and sound in proportion to the severity of a circuit to change the animation speed, also have created this. Usually known as

60 Seconds Stopwatch Circuit

Authors at the bowling alley I have to use a 60-second timer circuit rules should prepare 60sec. ball in the need to throw :) Anyway circuit pic16f876 microcontroller based on the output of the

Battery Charge Circuit 12V 12AH

Lead Acid 12V 12AH battery charging circuit PIC16F876 microcontroller based on the 16f876 LEDs and battery level show and start, stop doing their work forces in the sight of the voltage, current, adjustable L200

Sd Card Sound Recording, Playback Circuit PIC16F876A

Audio recording circuit in addition to the Board upon a few passive pic16f876a microcontroller circuit is able to record onto sd card component was established to stop, play, record, pause, there are functions in

Doorbell Circuit 32 Melody PIC16F876

Ringtones circuit very detailed crafted all the resources exist, particularly ringtone program for different projects can be useful, I’m not sure, but the sound codes with this program produced half of the asm, hex