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Handmade 5.1 Potentiometer

On the market there are no potentiometers of 6 channel (I don’t know what the situation is) this potanslar is also used, especially if more than one channel audio 5.1 sound systems needed to

Iron Base With Preheating Machine

I have added to my list of useful, a lot of my work is a system to facilitate the “Preheating Machine” author told that more quickly by pressing the PCB the PCB with the

32 GB EMMC Memory Micro SD card Connection

Hello friends. In this article, we offer you a while ago, I finished the handmade for 32 gb mmc card project page. First of all, I want to talk about the structure of memory

After Cleaning The Integrated Soldering Condition

In the past it was the problem does not clear after the circuit board soldering. clean lehimliyordum finishings hand prone to it:), but it’s not even the jobs guarantee problems by chance after seeing

SMD 8 Pin SOIC Adapter (DIP Socket)

I used the SMD integrated circuit designs and making the repair work doesn’t trouble many rarely PCB design to find the ingredients according to the sketch, but it’s unlikely to repair or trials if

Dremel 4000 With hand-made Table saw

Hand-made circular saws before projects were based on the reference to the Proxxon Bandsaw to cut circular saw Assembly and PCB in this study, hobby, shop in the popular Dremel 4000 is also used

Cordless screwdriver to run with Transformer

At work I am running about 1 years charged with screwing screwing device in the market, cheap Cordless transformer 4.8 v, etc.. I mean, I guess it was a price, such as more batteries

Transformer Winding Reel Assembly with Cordless Drill

Available facilities within the quite regular, useful system has been cordless drill power supply help with a few pieces amateur transformer winding reel machine made ​​transformermeister the spin count to an electronic circuit used

Assessing the old floppy disk

In the past a lot of work falls we used the determination Formet threw hel amiga 500 time hundreds floppy disk had those were the :) floppy almost nowadays used at all, not many

Proxxon Micro with reference Sawing Machine

table saw machine design wonderful handmade does not sound like a very clean job, undocked what would I lie Yapaş arrived :) but the room at no fortunately Add to wish list I let