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4X60W Car Amplifier Circuit LM3886 SG3525 DC DC Converter

Amplifier 4×60 Watts. To its solution was first selected integrated circuit LM3886T. The proposal continued the calculations and the election of the additional components of the integrated circuit and the design of printed circuit

TDA8929T TDA8927J Class D Amplifier Circuit Project

Class D Amplifier TDA8927J This integrated circuit includes a terminal switching transistors type DMOS (Double-Diffused MOS), circuits for controlling the transistors and circuits for communication with the control circuit. It is also equipped with

TAS5611A Class D Amplifier Circuit Project

The block diagram of the integrated circuit TAS5611A As mentioned above, the circuit contains 4 identical channels. The input signal is fed to pin INPUT_X. Signal continues into the feedback filter ANALOG LOOP FILTER

TDA7490 Class-D Amplifier Project

The output stage of the TDA7490 amplifier in class D The core of the end stage class d circuit is TDA7490 from the company STMicroelectronics. The way in which this amplifier works, was discussed

TDA8920 Class-D Amplifier Circuit

TDA8920 Class-D circuit is to use two circuits TDA8920 in bridge mode connection (BTL). Circuit TDA8920 works with the internal oscillator, whose frequency can be set using the the external elements. The manufacturer recommends

TDA7293 Guitar Combo Amplifier Projects

The design and construction of combos for electric guitar. Work discusses how theories of construction and design blocks combos, so its structure and measuring its parameters and parameters of individual blocks. Bachelor thesis has

TDA7293 Bridge Amplifier Circuit LM1036 Tone Control

The choice of the hi-end-amplifier TDA7293 Power amplifier TDA7293 from the company ST Microelectronics are the most widespread power amplifiers available in our market. Even if his own conception is integrated, contains a number