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hi tech c examples

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Floating Led Circuit Hi Tech C Example

The second is the floating light work. Connect the two types of LEDs to the Pic. In the former case, a source with the port out 25mA. In this case, the graph is connected

8 LED King Rider Circuit Hi Tech C Example

This is the application name from the series of the 80’s legend. king rider :) This application is connected to the cathode of the LEDs. LEDs are lit when the corresponding port 1. Infinite

Shift Operations Hi Tech C Example

This may sound like it is a bit hard for you application in the first place. First of all, here are 8 bit, not 16-bit scroll operation. In 16-bit is a temporary variable to

Traffic Light Circuit Hi Tech C Example

Traffic light application is not different from other applications. One port is connected to multiple LEDs. When a port to connect multiple LEDs with output current of a transistor to do upgrade. When you

LED Display Blinking Effect Hi Tech C Example

We want to display a blinking effect is scanned display cases for a certain period. Display will illuminate during scanning. Then for common anode display port scanning is stopped 0xFF is assigned and all

Button control with 16 LEDs Hi Tech C Example

The microcontroller used in the circuit that connects the button input pins to be done about the relevant bit of the TRIS register is set to 1 . Bastard pullup resistance and buttons are

Simple Mathematical Operation Hi Tech C Example

Programming is the same as mathematics. A different way of doing business has more than one. This application is similar transactions made ​​with different codes. About as long as the button is pressed the