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dsPIC30F2010 PWM Motor Driver Circuit DRV8402

DRV8402 Motor Driver Circuit The main component is the microcontroller dsPIC30F2010, who for its activities needs outside of the power supply voltage also a source of accurate clock pulses. In order to achieve the

DSPIC Propeller Clock Circuit

Air Time or propeller clock Propeller Clock much more simple microcontrollers with can be done but the authors project quite a quality job had removed to check DSPIC30F6015 microcontroller is used BLDC motors from

dsPIC Development Board

Try dspıc30f6010 Microchip microcontroller development board on the UART (max233), can (mcp2551) and so on. find all entry and exit ports for the unit diagram and PCB design drawing eagle resources are also made

Audio Spectrum Analyzer dsPIC30F6012 MCP6022

A Digital, real-time Audio Spectrum analyzer circuit for audio devices is presented in this project. This circuit aims to professionals or hobbyists who would like to embed it in an audio device or use

dsPIC30F3013 Meter Clock MCP6022 MCP4011 MCP9700A

The goal of this project was to build an unusual desk clock using a combination of old and new technologies. Time is displayed using vintage electro-mechanical meters, but the current time is calculated using

Microchip dsPIC30F6014 Alert Driver System

The purpose of the novel Alert Driver System is to keep drivers safe at the wheel. The Microchip dsPIC30F6014 based system can detect if a driver is paying attention to the road or falling

dsPIC33FJ128GP Nokia 6100 LCD driver circuit ATmega168

@ Erhan brother Atmega8 prepared with the application had shared (Atmel Atmega8 Nokia 6100 LCD (pcf8833) application) I In addition to the helpful one more example’ll share the codes and microchip dspıc33fj128gp both the