320volt / dc dc converter circuit

dc dc converter circuit

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LM2576-ADJ Adjustable Power Supply Circuit

LM2576T-ADJ Power supply DC DC through long cables is associated with the voltage that is the greater, the longer the cable length and the current drawn by the receiver. Sometimes this fall is so

4X60W Car Amplifier Circuit LM3886 SG3525 DC DC Converter

Amplifier 4×60 Watts. To its solution was first selected integrated circuit LM3886T. The proposal continued the calculations and the election of the additional components of the integrated circuit and the design of printed circuit

100W Led Driver Circuit PFC UCC28180 UCC3813D-1

100W Power Led Driver Circuit Select the suitable type of a power driver, if the lamp with LED of power about 100W supplied from a distribution network 230V. Compare the different options for solution

1000W PFC Circuit UC3855

1KW PFC Circuit UC3855 for its function requires a dc supply voltage of 10 to 20V . His sampling is during normal operation of 17 to 25 ma. The integrated circuit additionally contains the

Upgrade The Output Power MOSFET LM2576 LM2575

Previously LM2575 (1 amp), and the LM2576 (3 amps) switching regulator ICS sharing about applications that have been LM2575, LM2575 high power mosfet to increase the output current by adding the received power regulator

Car Amplifier Circuit with STK4131-II

Complete car amp in a project stk4131 amp solid-II solid KA3525A DC-DC converter (SG3525) is located in the Filter section based on the bass opampli also tl074 DC-DC converter, the primary windings of the