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400W Claas D Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit IRS2092

IRS2092 Subwoofer 400W Claas D Amplifier Circuit.The main part of this protection circuit is a transistor FET which is connected in the power supply branch amplifier integrated circuit IRS2092. When applying a positive voltage

Audio Input Selector Circuit

The main parts of the switch inputs is the decimal counter CD4017. Resistors R5 and R6 serves to limit the input current to the counters and, together with capacitor C1 form the RC divider.

TDA1524 Preamp Tone Control Circuit

Preamp circuit is TDA1524 from the company Philips. His involvement This circuit can with a minimum of external components to change the volume, balance, treble and bass. Its advantage is that all settings adjustment

MAX5406 Audio Processor Preamplifier Projects

MAX5406 The proposed preamplifier is imposing several requirements. The preamp must allow volume control and balance (distribution of volume between channels), then it must allow the correction of the frequency characteristics. These requirements are

PT2317B Digital Preamp Circuit

Digital Preamp Circuit PT2317B. According to the project assignment has to be an amplifier equipped with offsets to low and high tones, and according to the application requirement, it shall be possible to adjust

Complete Speaker Protection Circuit

Transistor protection circuit for the amp speaker I’ve shared before, “and led Delayed-Exciting DC Speaker protection circuit” The advanced form of the application is different. with the characteristics of the speaker protection circuit; detects

Simple Audio Circuits Book Everyday Practical Electronics

Simple Audio Circuits (Simple Audio Circuits Books) 4 consists of Practical Electronics magazine published for free Madden E.P.E Everyday book. simple amplifier circuits, audio control circuits, various designs detailed drawings, descriptions and material lists

Protector tweeter

tweeter protection circuit To create this structure led me to the fact that I built speaker system total output of 100W, which are connected the power amplifier 2 x 150W. Even though the manufacturer

Speaker DC Protection Circuit Delayed and LED alarm

The circuit can be delayed and led excitation speaker dc protection circuit.A current of approx. 70mA. The appropriate value for the high voltages are selectable Rs resistance. For example: Amplifier 2x24Vac with the feed