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Project RAS100 Amplifier 4X100W

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I’ve shared before, “Ras100 100W hi fi Amplifier version 2” as I applied RAS100 4x amplifier project the circuit in addition to DC power supply filter speaker protection circuits that have a solid and I made this special for Channel 4.

PCB diode Bridge DC filter hasn’t already been used in the design of the floor metal Bridge diode 35A amp it will be better to use to mount to the chassis.

4X100W Amplifier Circuit

Project RAS100 Amplifier 4X100W rms 100w mosfet gercek hi fi guc amplifikatoru

Project RAS100 Amplifier 4X100W 100w mosfet hi fi guc amplifikatoru power supply 120x120 Project RAS100 Amplifier 4X100W ras100 mosfet amplifier 100w hifi 120x120 Project RAS100 Amplifier 4X100W rms power amp ras100 mosfet amplifier 100w hifi 120x120

Note: the drawings of the PCB to take the pressure “.XPS” extension to isis, ares drawings the drawing files I’m giving you is special to me. The material list of the “top Silk” by looking at the image file you can get. Any information people experience difficulty with non-detailed project

About the amplifier circuit diyaudiotr.com the information on the site that published the article (transformer, power, etc.) applies post here you can reach a backup file.

amp pcb files project-ras100-amplifier-4x100w.rar alternative link 2

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