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Professional Amplifier Circuits 450W 180W

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Quality pcb printed circuit design with two amp circuit I share 180 watt amp circuits used in power output transistors 2sa1943 2sc5200 supply voltage + -45 volts DC P-CAD 2001 prepared by the PCB and P-CAD 2001 Schematic prepared by the schema file there.

450 watt amp features the same count in the circuit and transistor supply voltage is higher than the number

Professional Amplifier Circuits 450W 180W 2cs5200 2sa1943 450w

In this UMZCH used modular design, so called.it is divided into two logically completed block: amplifier output voltage and powerful repeater. This allows, if necessary, or for the sake of the experiment apply different circuitry data nodes.You can mix tube amplifier output voltage and transistor cascade. Similarly, the output cascade can be executed as a bipolar transistor, and at the MOSFET

Source: http://www.sibaudio.ru/ Professional Amplifier Circuits Alternative link: professional-amplifier-circuits.rar

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