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Power Led Flashing Police Circuit Simple

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This circuit is a bit more classic two-transistor flip flop circuit Police Flashing LED lamp made ​​by developing two low-power white LEDs power LEDs more than normal LED current to draw high power transistors in the circuit

Police used in the Age of transistor circuit diagram of the codes, the codes specified in the schema, but you will not find in the market with

VT1, VT2 transistors BD135, BD137 or BD139 or provisions may
VT3 transistor BD136, BD138 or BD140 or provisions may
2sa601 transistor VT4 or provisions may 2sa611

Police Flashing Circuit Era list of ingredients;

Kod Tip değer adet
C1, C2 Kondansatör 47 uF 2
C3 Kondansatör 1 uF 1
C4 Kondansatör 22 uF 1
R1, R2 Direnc
100 ohm
R5, R6, R8, R9 Direnc
R7, R10 Trimpot
R11 Direnc

Power Led Flashing Police Circuit Simple  police strobes circuit polis cakar devresi

source: cxem.net/sound/light/light88.php

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