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Pickit2 dealing with using a lot of pic programming is still very popular pickit3 a factor in the late appearance of the version, though pickit 3 ICSP ZIF socket for pickit2 I have to wonder… has expanded to designs before pcb was shared at ICSP adapter ZIF socket for pickit 2 in the output module

@pwm.C will make your job quite easier for the teacher pickit3 ZIF socket pcb in your design work

PICKIT3 ICSP Adapter PCB pickit 3 zif icsp adapter pickit3 pic programlama

PICKIT3 ICSP Adapter PCB pickit pickit3 pickit 3 zif pcb soket zif

note: adapter ICSP Pickit 3, 10F ,DsPIC, PIC32 series chassis and some old Bastards (such as 16f57) does not support.

@pwm.C my teacher PICKIT3 ICSP Adapter ZIF the pictures above you can see the drawings designed by: pickit-3-icsp-zif-adaptor-pcb.rar

In addition, the @meat my teacher Forum @EU ELECTRONIC made by a different design pickit3 icsp adapter pcb drawing

PICKIT3 ICSP Adapter PCB pickit 3 icsp adapter pickit3 pcb

@AB ELEKTRONİK made by drawing: pickit-3-icsp-zif-adaptor-pcb2

source: pwmccs.wordpress.com/2014/10/03/pickit-3-zif-soket-pcb/

Thank you to the people who contributed to prepare

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