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PIC18F4550 USB Development Board Project CCS C

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Microchip PIC18F4550 PIC18F series microcontroller with a quality test kit to test the cottage will provide great convenience USB SD / MMC card slot so the LCD connection. ‘s. CCS C Software and protel pcb file provided USB driver file

PIC18F4550 USB Development Board Project CCS C pic18f4550

PIC18F4550 USB Development Board PCB

This is a project that supports learning to use PIC microcontroller connected to a USB port to use as a guide in the development of the project microcontroller interface with USB so widely. When referring to a channel to communicate with external devices, computer developers are familiar with the port the printer or parallel port (parallel port), serial port (Serial Port) or even port joystick (joystick) is dealing with. port all three of them have been very popular among surfers and experimental microcontroller. (Long time ago), however the computer contemporary to channel one channel that has been very popular, there is port USB (Universal Serial Port) as well as notebook computers, modern, usually with no serial port or USB port. parallel to Therefore, data transfer to external devices had to rely on the USB port with no choice.

For the test the microcontroller connected to the USB port directly (not considered in case the Bluetooth serial port RS-232 USB port is a microcontroller which makes contact in the same way as a serial port) is not easy. Due to the USB port for data communication bus system with special effects. There is a contact form or protocol levels. Because of the USB port cable with only two lines. The ability to share peripheral devices up to 128 characters (which is normally the local computer) with communication speeds of up to 480 megabytes per second BUSINESS. Unlike RS-232 serial port or parallel port entirely.
For this reason, manufacturers of modern microcontrollers, so try to facilitate the development of microcontroller increase.

Source: wara.com PIC18F4550 USB board project files alternative link pic18f4550-usb-development-board-project-ccs-c.rar

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