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PIC18F4550 USB Keyboard (buttons LCD)

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Microchip PIC18 USB applications quite popular with the series project with PIC18F4550 usb keyboard would be a good example for many people.

I’ve never known USB issues after me pretty puzzling to others with the principles of simplicity, I share my project 18F.

There are 14 buttons pressed them ABCD keys 1-9,0 and prints. Meanwhile, the key pressed at 2 × 16 LCD Viewing. the computer recognizes the device as a keyboard hidden. In the link there, but the whole project isis usb keyboard does not work. I prepare the file isis scheme in terms of connectivity. Codes are written with protons.

the fact that a part of my project I’m making more, but with this situation, many people think it would be an example.

PIC18F4550 USB Keyboard Circuit

PIC18F4550 USB Keyboard (buttons LCD) microchip usb lcd buton test bred bord

author: @Sertaç EREN isis simulation, protons software files: pic18f4550-usb-keyboard-buttons-lcd.zip within the file “PS2 to USB HID Scan Code Translation” In its statement’s. Thanks to the people who contributed to prepare.

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