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PIC18F4550 Development Board and PIC18F4550 Examples

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PIC18F4550 for a simple handy trial development board and various application circuits are also circuits Eagle prepared by the PCB diagram drawings and PIC C language prepared by the software (MPLAB,. C. Hex,. Mcw,. McP etc.) Files provided in abundance There are examples

Application list

PIC18F4550 USB experiment board
The SPU’s associated servo control circuit (6 servo output PIC18F252)
USB shutter control circuit (PIC18F252 PIC18F4550)
4N25 opto-coupler interface card isolated MOSFET relay control
Stepper motor control card (pic output MOSFET drivers for the IRF630)
USB Connected “Rotary Encoder” (PIC18F250 focus control)
USB Connected “Windows Media Player” control (forward, backward, volume, play, stop)

PIC18F4550  Development Board and PIC18F4550 Examples  PIC18F4550  Development Board and PIC18F4550 Examples  PIC18F4550  Development Board and PIC18F4550 Examples

Microchip PIC USB development Board

Let me admit it – I’m quite deaf! Despite having a digital hearing-aid in each ear, I still miss hearing the doorbell when I’m working in my den. All to often I find that a parcel delivery has been attempted – the result of my not hearing the doorbell is usually a card inviting me to pick up the parcel at the post-restante not less than 48 hours from the failed delivery attempt. Then there’s the problem of hawkers and cold-callers – on the occasions when I do hear the doorbell, it’s inevitably someone who simply wants to waste my time trying to sell me new windows, a new drive, new roof or whatever. These people get a curt ‘No thank you’. Those that persist get something much stronger – which I won’t repeat here.

When I do have to go out, and I’m half-expecting a parcel delivery, I have to stick a hastily-written note on the inside of the window beside the front door. I thought I’d have a go at addressing these issues with a messaging system connecting up the various items and linked in to my PC in the den. It had to be cheap, reliable and easy to modify, so a home-brew solution was sought. I’ve ruled out wireless-connected TCP/IP because to date my experience with wireless networking has been a complete waste of time – with transmission dropping out just when it’s needed. The next choice was a USB-based connection, and so a trial was done with a 20 metre length of high quality cable connecting the PC to a lashed-up USB slave unit based on Microchips 18f4550 PIC. No problems were apparent transmitting short messages and commands. A £5.00 USB camera from Tesco again connected to the PC by high quality cable completes the surveillance part of the system.

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