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40 Channel Animation Led Circuit PIC18F452

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Especially those used in LED signage is an enhanced version of the animation card has 40 outputs to the circuit board PIC18F452 microcontroller outputs 5 sadder 74ls595 irf540n MOSFETs are used in the multiplexed output irfz44 used instead. Set the dip switch can easily be found on the circuit is being run with different animations. The project started ares proteus isis simulation and PCB drawings are also the source code through PicBasic’s …

40 Channel Animation Led  Circuit PIC18F452 pcb ares pic18f452 74ls595 led leds 40 kanal animasyon devresi

Author: @FANCY – Thanks to people who contributed to preparing. Source: http://elektrobilim.org/forum/led-tabela-sistemleri/8144-40-kanal-animasyon-karti.html Alternatif link: 40-channel-animation-led-circuit-pic18f452.rar

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