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Multi-Voltage Meter with PIC18F2550 Picbasic PRO

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PIC Microcontroller with multi-voltage measurement, display (LCD) a good example for software pic basic prepared with pic18f4455 RE3, RA0, RA1, RA2, pins and the 4-channel voltage measurement can be made circuit as an example 5 …. 12V DC Voltage used higher voltages You may need to use a voltage divider resistors. Measuring DC voltage in the range from 30VDC 0VDC

PIC18F2550 Voltage Monitor Circuit

Multi Voltage Meter with PIC18F2550 Picbasic PRO pic18f4455 voltage measurement measure 5v dc measure 9v dc measure 12v dc

Multi Voltage Meter with PIC18F2550 Picbasic PRO picbasic Projects Voltage measurement PIC18F4455 PIC18F2550

To measure the voltages higher then the VCC (supply voltage of the ?C) i was thinking of using the well-known and simple voltage divider using resistors. Discover the possibilities of measuring DC voltages in a range from 0VDC to 30VDC. Use the Onboard A/D converter from the PIC18F4455 or PIC18F2550 range. Measure different DC voltages at a time. Try to do the measurement without using an external ref voltage.

– Measure: 5V DC
– Measure: 9V DC
– Measure: 12V DC
– Use Xtal
– Display the voltages on an 4-line char display in 4-bit mode

Source innovativetechnology.nl Multi-Voltage Meter picbasic pro source code schematic alternative link: multi-voltage-meter-with-pic18f2550-picbasic-pro.rar

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