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PIC18F2455 PIC-Tengu CCS C Talking Robot

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Funny robot application is a fun app :) Speaking software installed on PIC18F2455 with CCS C prepared according to the audio signal around talking smiley made ​​of LEDs. Also working in windows environment with source code in JAVA based program’s

PIC18F2455 PIC Tengu CCS C Talking Robot pic tengu konusan robot

The brain of this project is a PIC18F2455, whose pins directly activate the LED’s matrix rows. There is only one LED column active at any given instant, also determined by the PIC18F2455 pins, but this time using an intermediary ULN2803. The signal captured by the microphone is amplified using an LM358 before reaching an analog input in the PIC. The firmware is written in CCS C, and the PIC has been burned using the parallel port version

source uchobby.com PIC18F2455 PIC-Tengu CCS C Talking Robot files alternative link: pic18f2455-pic-tengu-ccs-c-talking-robot.rar alternative link2, link3, link4

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