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Digital Voltage Probe PIC18F242

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In this article we will talk about Making Voltage Probe. First, let me explain what is the voltage probe. Voltage Probe, displays the amount of voltage at one point. In addition to a digital value, may include features such as logic states.

We will do a digital voltage probes made ​​with the PIC18F242 Voltage Probe. To measure the voltage of the built-in PIC 10-Bit 10-Bit adc’s the kullanacağız.ancak not as I’ve used the 8-Bit.

Digital Voltage Probe PIC18F242 voltaj probu olculecek deger proteus isis

Value of the voltage on the LCD digital and analog displays. LEDs show the value of the corresponding logic.

Because I use crystal oscillator circuit simulation. Circuit the oscillator OSC and OSCOUT a general connection between the terminals can be established.

ISIS simulation and source code are attached.

App of the isis proteus simulation and C code files: digital-voltage-probe-pic18f242.ZIP

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