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PIC18F2320 Timer Digital Group Socket

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Digital group of plugs when using pic18f2320 microcontroller (DS1302) becomes set if getil (Relay control with 4 channels) socket on the LCD display shows the time, the remaining time can be adjusted with the buttons visible. Devices connected to the outlet can be closed automatically. Software PCBs with C language prepared by the project, the source code files are schema.

PIC18F2320 Timer Digital Group Socket electric backup battery charger electronics timer circuit schema

PIC18F2320 Timer Digital Group Socket elektronik dijital priz elektrik lcd priz role zamanli 220v

PIC18F2320 Timer Digital Group Socket 2v kapali transformator trafo devre pcb microchip pic regulator

This little tiny connection a timer clock. The idea arose then when I should have inserted the 3. switch-clock into an one extending because it is necessary to join the lighting already, filter and possibly the heater.

The soul of this connection originally a pic 16F870-es mikrocontroller was. It turned out meanwhile though that little are a sweet RAM and ROM-ja. I exchanged it then an with him onto the compatible bigger sibling of pin assignment, PIC18F2320.
For this the mikrovezérlonek 8192 bytenyi* the memory of a program and 512 bytes data* he has a memory. This already more than enough.

His other important part the DS1302-es RTC produced by Maxim. This a clever real-time clock, because can be found in him an element (ill. backup battery) charger electronics.

source hobbielektronika.hu PIC18F2320 Timer Digital Group Socket schematic pcb pic hex alternative link: pic18f2320-ile-lcd-gostergeli-zaman-ayarli-dijital-grup-pizir.rar

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