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PIC16F88 LCD Tachometer Circuit

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PIC16F88Rpm analog voltage output that is, PWM signal so that only the output filter will depend on VDD. While there, press the switch, use the calibration and output voltage range equivalent to the rotation. 0-6000, for example when a voltage range of 4.8V to press on with this switch. Analog output voltage is 2.4V when you rotate 6000×2.4/4.8 = 3000rpm. ROHM detection sensors are made of reflective sensors RPR-220 was used. 6mm from the tip of the infrared focal point was set at an angle of LED (940nm) is now one of the phototransistor. It looks like some of 630nm light source PIC16F88 HI-TECH PICC software production has been created. CCS-C with a little modification should be transplanted. I am, I have an older version, most (at all) is not being used.

Tachometer Circuit Specification

Range: 17.9 ~ 99999.9 rpm (or so to about errors 20000rpm)
Sensor input: Voltage values. The reflection of the actual measurement is adjusted for RB0 interrupt edge
Analog output rotation: 8 range, 0 – full-scale :0-VDD (10bitPWM)
Analog output range: 300,500,1000,3000,6000,10000,30000,60000 rpm
HOLD switch: While the press, sensor input, to hold the rotating numeral
TEST switch: While the press, full-scale output voltage analog output
A-RANGE switch: Change the value of full-scale analog output

Tachometer Circuit schematic picmicro source code files: pic16f88-lcd-tachometer-circuit.rar alternative link2

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