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PIC16F88 Digital Voltmeter Circuit

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Voltmeter circuit PIC16F88 microcontroller C language prepared by the program based on the indicators used for the 7-segment LED display with integrated TTL 74ls47 74hc238 and are driven. pic16F88 of AD was made using a digital voltmeter conversion. The goal is practical resolution of about 10mV maximum voltmeter that can measure up to 20V. AD is also in practice, so use a conversion 7 seg. indicator will ignore the practical value for the five-digit minutes.

use the reference voltage to improve the accuracy of the measurements, based on the voltage calculated by the PIC, corrected values. If you do not need much accuracy (detection and location of the volume) is only a problem if you want to set the standards for the power supply voltage. 7 the 74HC47, using 74HC238 digit control, and sends the signal lights in a dynamic system. A 88-pin analog and all because of the port, B port is used to control A View to read the data port. AD conversion, PIC number to 10 so it is necessary to convert the voltage to charge the internal sampling capacitor μS time. Waveform can be measured continuously and change the device to sound.

PIC16F88 Voltmeter Project

PIC16F88  Digital Voltmeter Circuit pic ile voltmetre PIC16F88  Digital Voltmeter Circuit dijital volt metre devresi

PIC16F88 Digital Voltmeter Circuit schematic source C and hex code files: : pic16f88-digital-voltmeter-circuit.rar

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