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RF Robot project PIC16F877

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Robot project PIC16F877 microcontroller used ARX34 AND ATX34 RF modules and remote kantrol can be 3 servo makanik run software ccs written in c receiver, transmitter section if our writers Aykut my brother “PIC16F628 with a 4-channel transceiver RF application” article sharing application’s also in the control circuit proteus ares isis owned and simulation, PCB’s in the drawing.

author by: Arda KILIÇ – thanks to those who contributed to preparing

RF Robot project PIC16F877 bug robot orumcek robot rf robot

ARX34 ATX34 connection diagram of the RF modules;

RF Robot project PIC16F877 ARX34 ATX34 rf modullerin baglanti semasi

Robot project files: rf-robot-project-pic16f877.rar

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