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Simple Melody Circuit with PIC16F84A DO-RE-MI-FA

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PIC16F84A microcontroller with the basic DO-RE-MI-FA pic of a simple circuit that can produce notes prepared by software RA3 assembly speaker connected to the output of 0.5W. Guide to use the PIC electronic work, I made a Doremifa organ using the 16F84A as the 2. We put out the sound of each Doremifa in SW8 or tact and pulled up by clearing 7BIT of the OPTION register because it is just PORTB 8BIT. Circuit also program a timer which I made before the much the same.

PIC16F84A DO-RE-MI-FA Schematic

Simple Melody Circuit with PIC16F84A DO RE MI FA nota devresi 150x150

Source: web1.incl.ne.jp PIC16F84A Melody Circuit schematic pic assembly source code alternative link: simple-melody-circuit-with-pic16f84a-do-re-mi-fa.rar

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