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Simple Electronic Piano with PIC16F84A

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The PIC has a white arrow in the transistor and the clock is a little to the right.

Pull-down resistor Tact switches are in line with the lower back. PIC fast 200ns port in the meantime and have pressed any button to check each one to switch ON, OFF is a pseudo-noise in the oscillator. The PIC is more convenient and I was able to adjust the volume to a variable resistor connected to the base of the transistor because it connects directly drive the output speaker.

PIC16F84A Electronic Piano

Simple Electronic Piano with PIC16F84A pic16f84a electric piano

Every else in this program if I have to do if there’s, just so long as the program is not part else it is omitted.
If not using a subroutine, which initializes the port (0x00) and to do what we do not get anything, so just waiting to be written.
ON and OFF time to hear the sound of the generator, so I would not have exactly the scale and frequency of thought here.

Simple Electronic Piano with PIC16F84A source code and hex: simple-electronic-piano-with-pic16f84a.rar

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