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PIC16F84 Heartbeat Monitor Circuit LED Display

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In a previous article PIC16F84 shared project with alternative made ​​from a finger pulse measurement software projects prepared by assemly.

Half finger inserted between the photocell and LED light reflection on measurements done with the fingers, varying according to the volume of blood in the arteries shot is displayed on the LED display.

Heartbeat Monitor Circuit

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Here is a circuit from Keith Wilson in Germany for monitoring your heart. The text that follows is his: The heartbeat monitor was originally designed many years ago….

One day whilst walking through the town centre in Manchester (probably on the way to Maplin!), I came upon a heartbeat measuring machine – here, you had to place a finger into a “thimble”-like sensor, and hey presto, your hearbeat was measured and shown on a large LED display! Back then, I only had a very vague idea as to how something like that actually worked, but after looking in magazines, and tinkering around, I came up with a small circuit.

For HeMon, the original circuit has been preserved, the PIC micrcontroller and LED display were added several years later.

Heartbeat Monitor Circuit schematic assembly source code files Alternative  link: pic16f84-heartbeat-monitor-circuit-led-display.rar

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