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PWM Motor and Power Control with PIC16F84

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PIC16F84 4 MHz crystal is connected 100 Hz PWM output produces a pulse width of 10 separate levels are adjusted these values ​​asm software vary from circuit only engine that not all GUS control applications can be used on a frequency of 50 Hz is set inverters driven circuit two buttons have their power levels increase or reduce the works.

PIC16F84 PWM test

Level used appears from the display reset button resets the PWM frequency in LA PIC16F84 4MHz crystal oscillator if you use a frequency that can be altered according to the interests 100Hz 2MHz to 8MHz is used if you use 50hz 200hz Remove interests.

PWM output amplitude opamp using arttırabilin the filitrelenmesinde benefit var.devr schema Proteus plotted in I therefore some materials did not use crystalline to pins 27pF health capacitor and disciplinary pinlerine in series 130 ohm resistor bağlayınız.p connection from the top side, b, c, d, e, f, g, respectively, is going.

PWM Motor and Power Control with PIC16F84 pic asm code schematic : pwm-motor-and-power-control-with-pic16f84.zip

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