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PIC16F84 Motor Rotation Counter Circuit

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pic16f8 tour counter circuit assembly prepared with software installed on the microcontroller LED diplay shows on speed information. Operating voltage 5v dc motor speed to detect RA4 RB0 pins on the integrated magnetic switch (reed switches) can be connected

Counter Coil Actuators Could be used as a counter to the actuator coil winding mechanical counter, pedometer, which many considered the use of such calculator. PIC serves this study was to try to make non-contact with the counter. The counter can be applied to cases likely to make a total revolution in the future.

Already have on hand the LCD display is also raised, this time to try to make segment 7 LED 4 digit counter with. There are 7 LED segments in Anodokomontaipu and Kasodokomontaipu. TOSHIBA TLR312 Cathode LED was on hand to use because there is more. In order to light the four-digit 7-segment dynamic output ports 07 and 11 +4, so need to enter the port and to reset for two counts, including the supply and use of all PIC16F84A 18-pin

PIC16F84 Counter Circuit

PIC16F84 Motor Rotation Counter Circuit manyetik anahtar reed switch

When using 7-segment LED Anodokomontaipu the transistor 2SA945 change and need to invert the output port of the program. Special design for the actuator coil is not wound, it is necessary to avoid the chattering of the switch input use count. The switch uses a glass-enclosed reed switch, magnet external ON / OFF to do. This type of calculator was stuck with the difficulty arise from a decade ago because it is coated with mercury chattering contacts. At present mobile phone, pedometer, used in some of the intercom is becoming less rare to see but. Akihabara is still being sold as parts. The switch can be used as a good neighbor than anything easily.

Source goo.gl/pHNP PIC16F84 Counter circuit Asm source to the project, hex and schema files Alternative link: pic16f84-motor-rotation-counter-circuit.rar alternative 2 pic16f84-ile-motor-devir-sayaci

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