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PIC16F84A Light Effects Circuits

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PIC16F84 controlled by the opto-relay, triac strong as elements driven by a lamp, light effects circuits various flashing patterns and eye-catching images are creating some computer Connection is in general 4, 8 channel output of the lamp are

PIC16F84 The console lights

PIC16F84A Light Effects Circuits console lights

* 8 outputs for filament lamps on which you can adjust the brightness and set 3 different types of effects: psychedelic, sequential blinking or their mixing;
* 4 outputs ON-OFF from which you can take the power for any type of user: strobe lights, wood lamps, motors to move spotlights, mirrors, and so on.

On the console panel are available the following commands:

* 8 potentiometers to adjust the brightness of each lamp
* 8 diverters three positions to shut down, turn on or enable the effects on each lamp
* 2 LEDs that indicate the status of 12 outputs (8 lights + 4 on-off)
* 4 switches for controlling expenditure on-off
* Switch, led potentiometer and speed relative to the sequential
* Switch, led potentiometer and speed relative to the flash (flash)
* Switch, led, potentiometer level and microphone (internal or external) relating to the psychedelic
* Button dark temporary (all lights off)

PIC16F84 Light Game

PIC16F84A Light Effects Circuits light game 16f84

This unit generates light effects (both On-Off that fade) on 8 filament bulbs connected to the corresponding channels. There are lighting effects for 4 lamps (4 +4, channels 5 … 8 are the repetition of 1… 4) and 8 lamps.

PIC16F84 Programmable Lighting Effects

PIC16F84A Light Effects Circuits programmable light effect

The draft presented in this document is a generator of programmable lighting effects and relay outputs can be used to illuminate cribs, scenes, illuminated signs, etc., or more simply to turn so programmed the various users connected to the outputs.

The programming (ie lighting effects, the evolution of the relay and timing of implementation) is done by connecting the circuit to the serial port of a PC (personal computer) and using the accompanying software that allows you to view and edit the various developments in operation time. Of this project are available: the schematic, drawings, printed circuit board, all sources (both firmware resident on the cpu that used for programming the computer) and various documents and diagrams flow (flow-charts)

Source: sasasbarra.altervista.org PIC16F84A Light Effects Circuits schematic pcb pic assembly source code alternative link: pic16f84a-light-effects-circuits.RAR alternative link2alternative link3

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