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CXD2951GA4 GPS Reader Circuit PIC16F628

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GPS reader circuit PIC16F628 microcontroller based on the GPS module used “Sony CXD2951GA4” also in connection to the computer’s RS232.

Projects in picproj forum isis simulation and resources were shared by @ XX_CİHAN_XX. Asm, hex codes are. Thanks to the people who contributed to prepare.

Sony GPS Reader Circuit

CXD2951GA4 GPS Reader Circuit PIC16F628 reader sony cxd2951ga4 gps

Sony CXD2951GA4 using GPS satellite clock, date, coordinates, speed and degree information at 2 × 16 character LCD is shown. Ta is communicated using the protocol nmea0183 4800bps.

I put two different programs. One of them I’ve written above information shows the same screen. In the other, turning to satellite time and daylight savings time in Turkey, adjustable position screen is moved to winter hours. The program is written in assembly.

Source: j.mp/cW0YDz GPS Reader circuit Alternative link: cxd2951ga4-gps-reader-circuit-pic16f628.ZIP

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