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PIC16F628 Thermometer Hygrometer Circuit SHT11

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Circuit PIC16F628 microcontroller based on the software prepared by micro pascal sht11 sensor used for temperature sensing temperature and humidity information on 2 × 16 LCD screen displays the source code and libraries have sht11 micropascal.

Thermometer Circuit Hygrometer Circuit SHT11 PIC16F628

PIC16F628  Thermometer Hygrometer Circuit SHT11 sht11 termometre

Unfortunately, the compiler does not yet support operations with decimals and so it is necessary to play around a bit with the calculation . However, within hours of the program in the world and after some optimizations still remained 25 % seats in The wiring is trivial and it’s basically just connect the display 2×16 characters , alone sensors and 4MHz crystal ? necessary to see the other references. The measurement is about 1 per second and turnover data on the screen is very small. But it is necessary to prevent flow around the sensor because it is very sensitive and even our approach to the instrument is able to measure very distorted. Here you can see how it looks on screen.

Source: j.mp/ccO1xa Thermometer Hygrometer Circuit Alternative link: pic16f628-thermometer-hygrometer-circuit-sht11.rar

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